Outside space

Relax in the sun

The chalet has a wonderful private terrace from which you can relax in the sunshine. The terrace has a wooden table, four chairs, two benches and as if that wasn’t enough, two deckchairs.

Image: soak in the sun on the lovely terrace.

Upstairs there is a small balcony off the master bedroom which has lovely views over the valley.


The garage is located in the main apartment building which is separate from the chalet itself. There is a keypad to enter the garages and each individual garage is secure.

During the winter we recommend you store your car in the garage rather than park it on the road as the road up to the chalets is quite steep and can become very slippery.

If you’re not using a car to get to Isola 2000 the garage is a great place to store your skis – there is a little piste opposite the main apartment building which you can ski down, if the conditions are good, to get to the Front de Neige ski areas of Isola 2000.

The garage is 5.05m long and 2.50m wide. The maximum height for a vehicle to get into the garage is 2m, and the maximum width is 2.2m.

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